Lo Agency Careers

Continued Growth

You’ll kick off your first days with Critical Start, an in-depth course on all things LO: our beginnings, culture, disciplines, clients, and work. You’ll also be paired up with a career developer who will help guide your growth. Speaking of growth, we place a huge emphasis on continual learning. To that end, we provide employees with possibilities for conferences, courses, subscriptions, books—whatever inspires your curiosity and develops your abilities.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Throughout the year, we hold several major soirées (sometimes online, sometimes on-site). Our biggest blow-out is called LUNA—a celebration of our work, our clients, and our people. We also start each week with a little weekly catch-up where we talk about our week plans and catch up with each other. Across our environment, we have fun, spectacular parties. Epic, you might say.

Reward And Recognize

We offer competitive pay and benefits, but we always look for ways to reward those who stand out among their peers and demonstrate true dedication. Each month we give out a handful of spot bonuses, and designate a special “Meteor.” We also appreciate loyalty, and we show it with anniversary awards. Stay for three years, and you get five more vacation days and become eligible for a sabbatical. Did we mention that we pay employees for their referrals? So, when you come on board, don’t hesitate to introduce us to other amazingly talented people.

Bootcamp programs

Our mission is to design experiences that improve people's lives. But we don’t stop there. As a successful agency, we believe we have an obligation to give back, help other people, and empower our employees to do the same. Hence, we have our Bootcamp program which starts every six to seven months. We help newbies and new programmers to jump on track and get ready for their future jobs.

Liquid Talent

Employees and employment are changing, and we’re keeping up by embracing a more globally distributed way of working. Our Liquid Talent initiative gives experienced employees the opportunity to work from wherever is best for them while staying fully engrossed in our culture and the team. As long as you deliver consistent quality work, there will be opportunities to work on a variety of clients—no matter where you’re based in. We also make flexible, reasonable work-from-home arrangements whenever possible.

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