Fouman Chimie

Fouman Chimie

The unique design and implementation website tries to create an integrated sense between the product and all the various internal and external components of the organization and customers, and in this way, its specially designed elements create a different experience while surfing. On the website.

The use of state-of-the-art technologies and custom UI and UX design are other important points of this project.

The Problem

The former website of Fooman Shimi, due to its age and extensive changes in web technologies, users' tastes and needs of the collection, had to reach a new structure and activity.

In this way, first a detailed analysis was performed from the product to the target audience, and the specific design of the user experience (UX) was one of the main points of creating a new website.

Also, the wide range of incoming contacts to the website was one of the points that required attention to the type of design and goals of the website.

The Solution

The step-by-step design of the analyzes performed on the objectives of the Foenchemistry Collection, the specialized design of the user experience, and then the unique design of the user appearance (UI / UX) were some of the points that became the final output in this project.

Also, the use of sophisticated designed elements caused the programming and engineering of this project to face various challenges. In this way, the use of the best and most accurate technologies on the web by the powerful technical team, despite the heavy weight of the project, Get an exceptional output.

We invite you to view the online version of the website.