Sahar food

Sahar food

Sahar food is one of the biggest food industry companies and we are honored to create creative, unique, modern and minimal websites for them.

In this website we focused on creating great user stories and presenting them all products and categories in one view.

Users can have a beautiful journey just with scrolling and all added data categorized in inner pages.

Very tempting and quality base photos combined with products and categories make this website so colorful, appetizing and wonderful for its target audiences.

All this creativity is used for creating a good relationship between Saharfood industry and its target audiences in digital channels and enables their marketing team to launch beautiful campaigns with the website's power.

The Problem

Old fashion website and difficulties to make a good relation between many products and categories with minimal and modern design.

The Solution

We start categorizing products with creative UX design and use icon categories by user scrolling. This new UX allows us to create an easy user journey despite lots of information and products. With this beautiful landing page, now users can discover what they want without bounce.